Note from Tara

I’m nearing the one year mark on Substack so I figured this was the time to evaluate where I am and where I’m hoping to bring things as we head into year two. When I first came to this platform, I came as a bit of an orphaned Instagram user. I have been writing most of my life, but only shared bits and pieces on Instagram - the snippets that would fit. I’ve been on that platform for years now, trying to spread the good word on small farming, nourishing foods, family, and whatever else I thought worthy of sharing. But over the years I became increasingly frustrated with being shadow banned, having my reach and my words limited, and being outright censored.

Instagram remains the main driver of my readers here so I’ve been working to navigate a little time there with the bulk of my efforts being here until I can fade away from those IG shores altogether. I enjoy being here, writing with freedom for people that have taken the extra steps to join me. I have worked hard to offer consistent and honest essays here on Substack. I’m bored with the faux and the phoney. I think our time calls for courage and common sense. More of that please and in return I offer my own. I am so grateful and moved by those of you that find what I offer worthy of your time and engagement. That’s no small thing. Thank you.

I’m now looking at how I can evolve within the framework of this medium. At present, I write two essays every week and then record an audio podcast of my main essay for paid subscribers. The second essay of each week comes out on Saturdays and is either an update on what’s going on around the farm, things I’m trying in the kitchen, little stories or the sharing of resources. Once a month I also record a Q&A that is available as downloadable audio.

I appreciate the interaction that my posts generate. I love it when people connect via the comments and share information as well. That said, I will be making some changes going forward. 

I’ve set the goal to have my first real, honest to goodness book finished by spring 2023. That requires me to be more concise with my time and organized with the structure of my writing. Responding to all reader’s comments has been important to me and something I’ve put a great deal of time into achieving. Going forward, I will no longer be keeping comments open for all. Commenting will be reserved for paid subscribers. This allows me to answer comments in a more manageable way while still allowing for interaction and it’s also another way for me to show my appreciation to my paid subscribers. 

When I started this Substack account on October 25th, 2021, I set the intention of having 1000 paid subscribers and robust growth of all subscribers within a year. As of today, fifteen days shy of my one year anniversary, I have over 15,000 subscribers and 970 paid subscribers. Come on thirty people! We’re so close! It’s wonderful to have so many readers, I truly appreciate you all, but if a paid subscription has been on your radar, now’s a really good time to do it (says me). 

In addition to the aforementioned, paid subscriptions also include:

  • Full access to my archives

  • Continued Saturday posts outlining farming projects, failures and successes, what’s cooking in my kitchen, random recipes, stories from our week, and resource sharing

  • Monthly Q&As including TnT talks about marriage/relationships with hubs

  • First access to my burgeoning little farm shop where I will be selling some of our tallow soaps, balms, flower essences, and a few other little handmade goodies (coming in early 2023)

  • Commenting access & community interaction

  • Access to all essays, including paywalled content

Thank you to each and everyone of you for your ongoing support and encouragement. This past year I committed myself to writing from a place of authenticity and vulnerability and you honoured my courage with your incredible kindness and shared back so much of yourselves in return. What a gift. I’m enjoying this place. I hope you are, too. To year two and all that it brings!

xo Tara 

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