Mar 12, 2022 • 1HR 44M

your q's, my a's

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Cultivating authenticity in a synthetic world. Ruminations on ancestral food, healthy living, family, connection to the natural world, life, death and this radical little thing called "sovereignty".
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Thank you for all of your excellent, thoughtful questions. Phew! There were so many on diverse topics. I tried to get through most of them, but like I say in this audio offering, in the future, we’ll do these once a month and have a topic for each one. That way, anyone not so interested in ‘farming’ or ‘raising kids’ or whatever can just disregard. I think that will also help with the ‘conversation’ a bit, allowing my brain to focus on one subject and dive into it with gusto.

For those that didn’t have all of your questions answered, I will return to the question submission thread and answer more questions in the comments. If you had multiple questions and I didn’t get to them all, please resubmit in coming months.

This go around, the questions were opened to paid subscribers only, as are my audio readings of my essays. I leave these answers for everyone. In coming months the q&a’s and a few other perks, will be solely for paid members. That said, if you would like to be a paid member, but cannot afford the cost right now, just drop me a line and I will gift you one. No questions asked.

Hope there’s a little gem or two in here for everyone.