Sep 24, 2022 • 1HR 8M

Q&As - part one

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Cultivating authenticity in a synthetic world. Ruminations on ancestral food, healthy living, family, connection to the natural world, life, death and this radical little thing called "sovereignty".
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Mischa with her grandma, Bea. Mischa carries on her beautiful mama, Ursula’s stellar ears.

Holy moly there were a lot of questions for this months nutrition/kitchen/food themed questions and answers. I’ve had to break it up into two separate blocks. I recorded this first part earlier in the week. The second part will come out next Saturday and will be for paid subscribers only (as are the posts taking questions). I consider it a little perk and a thank you for your support. I didn’t address any off-theme questions so please resubmit those when we do the next Q&A.

I’m going to be taking a digital sabbatical for a week. I need to just reground myself after a very challenging week. In the next couple of weeks we will be harvesting rabbits, chickens, turkeys, ducks, geese, and beef. We’re also hoping to be successful in our deer hunt. There’s also my garden to retire after I continue nursing along my fall vegetables, storing said vegetables, completing the root cellar, bringing up the wood etc.. We have a little grand baby waiting to make his/her entrance into the world in November and we need to have everything well done by then.

Mostly, I just need some time for a little stillness. As summer retreats and fall rolls in, I am going to be taking a hard look at how to structure my days as I sit down with hopes of having one, (two??) books completed come next spring. I can do it, I know, but it will require a lot of concentrated discipline and structure. I’ve been thinking of moving my Substack offerings to once weekly during that time. Maybe that would be better for some of you? Feedback is most welcome.

Here are the notes with the resources I shared in this podcast:

Our newest little addition. A late comer, but such a welcome source of rip-roarin’ entertainment.
We named him Pepé. With that perfect white stripe all the way down his back, it just had to be.