Oh how I love getting your biweekly drops in my inbox but I so look forward to the books you will write. Totally understandable for you to have to drop down to a weekly offering in order to work on writing your book(s). Cannot wait. 🤍

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Just wanted to say that I recently tried Morrocan Method shampoo, and hated it! The ingredients might be great, but it did nothing for my hair. It was so greasy after a week you really couldn’t go out in public. Might as well save the money and just use water!

I feed my dog the exact same way! Kibble for breakfast for something fast and easy, a nice raw meal for supper. What kibble brand to you use? I have yet to find one that doesn’t have grains OR legumes, or seed oils. By cultured milk, is that just letting it sit out for a day until it clabbers?

I also wanted to give a tip to people wanting to feed their dog raw, but having trouble with the expense. I post in local groups (facebook MN hunting group, in this case) asking for old/freezer burned meat, especially around this time of year when hunting season is starting and people are cleaning out their freezers. I picked up what had to be a whole deers worth last week and the guy wouldn’t take any money for it, saying it would have went to waste! Win-win!

p.s. love the new calf and his name is perfect!!

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I was just thinking about the black soap you mentioned yesterday, so thanks for the link! I love the twice a week, but do whatever works best for you.

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Mothering magazine was essential in my early mothering too 💓

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Thank you for answering my questions ❤️

The elixirs sound sp doable to me now. Excited! I love making beetroot kvass too. But that is another direction of flavor-profile. Really yum when mixed with milk kefir and honey!

Yes will absolutely 💯 remember the testicles question for a farm session! It sounds ridiculous but it is definitely something I want to know your thoughts on.

Just wanted to clarify... this is Yvette who has shifted accounts... but last year I introduced you to the word "Shjoh!" 🤗❤️

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This was just fantastic - bravo on the whole thing! So many great questions and answers. I can hardly wait til part two!

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Tara, this was so informative, thank you. Also, I totally agree with what Angela said above. Can’t wait for your books!

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Dear Tara! I've only just got around to listening to the answer to my question! Thank you so much for such a full answer! I've been away on holiday for quite a while with my husband and took time away from the computer ...but boy...i resonate with what you are saying and i've been catching up on all the TnT talks as well.

So I broke my ankle (freak accident) in dec 2020 when i was a pretty strict carnivore. The ensuing problems associated with the insertion of metal restricting my natural movement and a low level MRSA infection ended up with me introducing organic beautiful sourdough, vegetables and some fruits due to boredom I guess? ....well...by June 2022 that lead me to have way more cravings and issues with weight gain and hearing what you've said has given me the insight that I really cannot eat that food without craving more of it. I've heard other carnivores say the same .... so thank you for your answer because it's helped me recognise that I need to get back to the way I was eating before and I am more determined to do so because of your reply!

Happy travels to welcome your 1st grandchild. xx

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Hi Tara! I have a question, how do you do the liver and gallbladder cleanse without adhering to the prescribed vegan diet?? I did it a few years ago and have thought of doing so again, but I don't want to eat a vegan diet leading up to the fat-bomb liver flush. I'd love to hear how you do it. Thank you so much for your writing and sharing! You continue to touch my heart deeply.

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