how's things?

Trying out this “discussion thread” concept to see if you might be interested in chatting about our personal, current, state of affairs in the midst of lockdowns and mandates.

I’ll start. Because we live in Ontario, Canada, we have been mandated to not participate in public life. No social gatherings. Testing twice a week to attend work/school. No sports or recreational activities for children (if they’re over 12, they must be vaccinated to participate, but even if they’re under 12, the parents must be vaccinated just to bring them to the activity). We know of families that have rented ice at arenas or facilities so that they could join together with other families and allow their unvaccinated kids to participate in the activities they love. It’s not uncommon for these people to be “reported to the authorities” and have their efforts quashed.

We find peace in our home. We never ate in restaurants or went to the gym anyway. It’s our children, all the children, that I worry about. We are building community with others, putting our efforts into creating local, resilient groups with a focus on foundational needs like skill share, bartering, relationship building, etc.. We see that the old systems are gasping for their last breaths and we are being called to be a part of the building of something new, very old and ancient, but new in our post-industrial world. Thank goodness we have the gifts of our ancestors to excavate and draw from.

But all that can be challenging. How many people, injected or not, cling to the old system, hoping it will return? How many people are willing to let go, grieve for what is gone, and then get on with the work of ensuring a hopeful future? We are at the very cusp of a new awakening, many are still struggling to hang on to the illusion of what has gone.

And you? How are things where you are? How are you and your families navigating this brave new world? I’m interested in pulling you all around this fire. Let’s talk. Let’s listen. It’s fine if you went for the V or if you didn’t, who cares. Please, let’s just find the things that unify us. Let’s just be a collective of humans speaking openly and with compassion for all of our human experiences in this time of division and hostility. This isn’t about me moderating, it’s just a conversation with us all, whoever wants to lay it out in whatever way they want. A virtual fireside chat, a cup of steaming herbal tea, a spot for you on the overturned timber stump.

Go ahead, we’re listening.