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in my kitchen, around the farm

feeding ourselves, tamarind ice cream, preservation, and a collection of maniacs

We have two sister rabbit does that live together. They also like to have their babies together and share baby rearing duties. What you see in the video above is an enchanted little nest of sleepy rabbit kits, safe in a bed of one another and warmed by their mama’s fur. Their fast twitch muscle fibres firing nonstop. The moms take turns going in and nursing them before hopping out again. This goes on all day and night. Isn’t that wonderful? I sneak peeks into their world all day long. Those little feet and round bellies just delight me to no end.

Admittedly, my hubris in declaring this the year to eat solely off of our farm did not take into account the magnitude of work and mental problem solving that was going to unfold. I figured, ‘you know, going from already producing about 85-90% of our

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Slowdown Farmstead
Slowdown Farmstead