it's been awhile

and i've missed you

So much has changed in our lives since I last sat down to write. Some is still too much to share, other stuff needs to be said. All in time.

I’ve been trying to figure out a way to communicate effectively, putting my writing out there in a way that doesn’t imprison me to social media, but still allows me to share and communicate. I’ve decided to try out using Instagram to post some images and peeks into topics as drivers to my more in-depth content here. I have a good-sized following over there, but not so much the desire to be feeding that behemoth . This may be a workable compromise.

Substack also allows me to offer a subscription service - something I may be interested in doing in the future. In the meantime, I can use their newsletter service to share uncensored information and links to new essays. If you weren’t subscribed to my previous newsletter and would like to get on this one, just click on the subscribe button at the bottom of this page.

In the meantime, I wrote the following awhile ago. I think it still holds water, maybe more than it ever. I will leave you with this while I start to work on my new offerings. I hope to see you all around these parts soon.

Imagine a world where we are told to stop and consider making our lives smaller. Where we start using the common sense and wisdom of our ancestors instead of the flashy slogans and techno-fixes of corporations. Governments and the trillionaires that steer them offer us false dichotomies and then say “choose”. Eat meat or care about animals? The end of the planet or lab grown, genetically engineered pretend-food? The destruction of soils or feed the people on earth? The lowly, uninformed worker-human shrugs and says, “well, ok, I’ll eat the veggie hotdog”. It’s about all they can muster. Their good effort in keeping this thing rolling.

The corporations create the problem and then they profit from the pretend fixes that create more problems that they profit from before coming up with another round of solutions. You get the idea. There is no solution, only profit and growth at the cost of life on earth. Who cares if humans get sicker, fatter, more depleted, more numbed and inflamed. That’s progress, too for the corporations using humans as commodities. They got answers for that. Well, not answers really, but band-aids to keep the symptoms dulled. A little pill here, a little pill there and soon the cries of your body can be muffled. Soon we forget that our brains used to be sharp, our bodies used to bend and run without complaint. We look around and see other dulled humans and figure that’s just the way it is.

Our bodies hold our souls. The earth holds our bodies. We are interwoven to each other and our source. Separation is an illusion that keeps us wandering and aching for that missing something.

It is of no coincidence that the fertility of our Mother Earth and the flesh and blood mothers and fathers that live here are both waning. The very vibrancy of life is fading before our eyes. The answers will not come from the profiteers that got us into this mess. The answers lie in our ability to humbly and fastidiously consider the framework we have built around our lives. The answers come from our investment of time to educate ourselves, to nourish ourselves, and to live meaningful lives connected to one another. It’s happening, it really is. And where it’s not, make it.

Disregard the propaganda. Be guided by the legacy of your ancestors. Put your nose to the ground and do some physical work until your bones ache. Open yourself to the sun. Let the moonlight christen your head while you listen to the serenade of the Spring Peepers. Eat nourishing food and be present for every bite. Take responsibility for yourself and the little bit of earth you tend, no matter how small. Love your people with abandon. Be guided by principle and morality even when it’s uncomfortable because it’s a heck of a lot easier to look that person in the mirror than the one that has merely become a receptacle for the garbage our modern world shovels down their gullet. You’re not a receptacle, you’re a strong, wise, autonomous, responsible human being housed in a sacred temple. Act like it.

And screw Bill Gates.