I’m a storyteller. It’s my hope that the stories I share convey my deep reverence for the land and animals we live in service to. Life is agonising and beautiful and wicked and wondrous. There is no hiding from the pain unless you’re willing to dilute the joy. Life and death. Dark and light. All of it or nothing at all.

I write about ancestral nutrition, morals, values, sovereignty and autonomy, family, cultivating a life based on the lessons I am told when my fingers are in the earth, my eyes to the sky, and my heart pressed against a tree. Death walks hand in hand with life. I face them both with an aching heart, courageous enough to be awed. As best I can.

Authenticity as antidote to the shallows.

That’s what I’m after.

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For all interview inquiries and media proposals tara@slowdownfarmstead.com Please note: As much as I would like to answer personal emails, I cannot. My screen time is tightly managed and my farm time is not. However, I do endeavour to answer all comments on my essays in a timely fashion.


Farmer, mother to three beautiful daughters, nutritionist, and a hopelessly devoted woman to my man. I hang out with cows and ravens, beavers and snakes whenever they'll have me. I'm after the real, in all of its messy glory, or nothing at all.