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in my kitchen, around the farm

freezers, turkeys, baby bunnies, and duck balls

Look at that beautiful bunny nest. I’m so glad we humans don’t have to pull out our hair to make a nest before we go into labour, but I am equally moved by the nest building of so many creatures. Imagine, not even knowing what’s happening to you, but being compelled by forces and wisdom passed on through your every atom to do something like build a nest. For what? Why are you building a nest? What’s a nest? You don’t even know what babies are! Creation is so breathtakingly mighty and mysterious. We have 19 new baby bunnies and they are all doing well.

This week was my annual mid-year freezer amalgamation and clean out duty. I thought I might write about it, not because cleaning out a freezer is all that interesting, but because there is a lot of nuance and layers that go into how we approach our food throughout a year’s farming cycle that is illustrated well by how I also manage my freezer and cellar space. Come to think of it, it also speaks to how I manage my jars which, at this time of year, look ridiculously overstocked, but come fall, all will be full again in my storm cellar shelves.

We measure our year’s worth of food from harvest to harvest, just like the smart cookies that came before us always did. By early November, we should have all of our food squirrelled away for the coming year. Hopefully, the larder is stocked, the meat butchered, the produce stored away. And, hopefully, there’s enough until the following autumn. In the past, any shortcomings could be patched with food from our farmer friends. But, as most of you know, that won’t be the deal this year as we are committed to eating solely from our farm. That just means a little extra care and a

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Slowdown Farmstead
Slowdown Farmstead