Jan 14 • 0M

TnT talk

tackling a few of your relationship questions

Cultivating authenticity in a synthetic world. Ruminations on ancestral food, healthy living, family, connection to the natural world, life, death and this radical little thing called "sovereignty".
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Oh boy, I wish we could have found our way to all of the questions asked. Hopefully this off-the-cuff session has some little gems sprinkled within that might, in a roundabout way, offer some answers to questions not addressed directly. If not, please ask again next go around.

Here we chatted about what held us together when we were young and full of piss and vinegar (ego, really), enduring love, humility, the time I shut down an entire military base (oops), and decisions we made along the way. Also, Troy answers the question on how he sets up his workout routine by the year, changing things up seasonally and I make my best eat-your-protein pitch.

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