how's things (now)?

It’s been a few months since I’ve checked in and I thought it high time to do so.

Since we last chatted on the initial “how’s things” discussion threads, the rhetoric here in Canada continues to degenerate into outrageous attempts at division. Did everyone see our Prime Minister calling people that haven’t been vaccinated against the rona “misogynists” and “racists”? How about the Quebec Premier announcing his intention to tax the unvaccinated for their cost to our decrepit “healthcare” system? We’ll leave the obese and chronically ill with diseases of lifestyle out of the equation for convenience. It goes on and on.

So, it seems our collective realities aren’t so collective (at least on the surface). Depending on where you live, life may be going on as normal or it may look like some dystopian novel come to pass. Where I am, we are going on well over a year of no access to sports, gyms, any form of arts (plays/theatres/concerts/festivals), restaurants or coffee shops. Healthcare workers have all been fired if not vaccinated. Children cannot play sports or take lessons if they (and their parents) are vaccinated. Some schools remain closed, then open, then close again. Children wear masks to school. Most workplaces require vaccination for employment. Some rare ones don’t. As I said earlier, one daughter gets twice weekly testing at her job and has to wear a mask, but she is grateful to have not been fired outright (she was earlier kicked out of a college program she was attending that refused any sort of exemption). Our other daughter is also part of the constant testing protocol but now must wear “two masks or one N95” mask. Her teachers and others in her Traditional Chinese Medicine program are “demanding” that their regulatory college make vaccines mandatory for all TCM practitioners. Kind of like what the naturopaths are doing. I can tell you that I wouldn’t go to an alternative medicine practitioner that called for the mandates of anything that reduced our personal health freedoms. Seems a little hypocritical, no?

On a personal note, we have been aggressively paying off what remains of our mortgage. We see this time, and the impending unrolling of further measures to steer this ship of ours into the hands of globalists, as a time necessitating as much untangling from every system we can. We see any debt as liability and a point of insecurity that leaves us vulnerable. To that end, when my husband loses his job, we don’t want to be destitute. Everything we have been doing is in an attempt to safeguard us and our family, financially and otherwise. It’s covid now, climate next, food security always.

I think it’s important to note that these decisions are not taken with fear governing our hearts. We make these decisions with conviction and confidence in bettering our lives. Yes, it’s challenging, but what isn’t that’s worth anything at all. Yes, we can sacrifice joyfully for long-term rewards. We have gotten pretty good at that and this is just more of the same.Have things changed for y’all in the last few months? Where are you at? How are you feeling about things? How are my Aussie pals doing now? Any changes?

On our last thread, I felt compelled to respond to everyone. I probably won’t be able to do that this time, but I do read every one. I hope we can all chat amongst ourselves here, free of censorship. I don’t care where you are with the choices you have made, I just care that we can come together as humans and respect each other, share our stories, and offer each other some compassion and good will.

❤️ Tara