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the week in pictures

and a few little words sprinkled in

My schedule of posting this week is a little off so please accept my apologies for invading your inboxes two days in a row. I promised to include pictures I share on Instagram, but I will give more context here rather than just the images.

We are hoping this is the last batch of chicks we ever have to buy. I thought the same thing last year and then a brazen coyote found my flock and came every afternoon for a little snack before I clued in. We have literally tried every heritage chicken breed available and we’ve settled on the ladies we currently have (which are a lovely hodge-podge mix that were hatched by their mamas here on the farm). To this we’ve added Jersey Giants, more Cochins, Brahmas and Araucana. We find the bigger breeds lay only slightly less than the smaller layers, but they give us a much heartier carcass when it’s time for them to meet their maker. Also, just really lovely, hearty chickens to have around. We also have three hens all sitting on clutches of eggs so we may end up with a bounty beyond desire.

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Slowdown Farmstead
Slowdown Farmstead