Apr 23, 2022 • 41M

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conflict and first aid kits

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Back when we were dating. We were so young! He’s a total army guy and my hair.. what can I say? It was a thing back then.

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For this TnT gab-a-roo, Troy and I discuss conflict, how we used to handle it and how we deal with it now. I also put him on the spot with a question a friend asked me earlier this week, “What should a parent have in a first aid kit for their kid?” He handled it like a champ, of course. He’s such a good sport.

Here’s a link to a few of the items we spoke about (I will leave it to you to find a seller in your locale):

The above CAT tourniquet is graded for children greater than six but studies have shown that it’s also effective for kids aged 2 and older.

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