Our documentary is here

"Divergence" featuring Slowdown Farmstead

Feb 18, 2023

I’m so excited, and to be truly honest, incredibly nervous, to share with you that the long-anticipated (at least by my young neighbour-farmhand-sidekick who has a starring role) documentary has been released!

The whole crew did a phenomenal job. We were blown away by the talents of the producer, Benjamin Roberts, and his film crew who were such a great group of guys to work with. And we are grateful to Justin and Rebekah Rhodes who were generous and sensitive, determined to tell our story in a way we were comfortable with.

It was, and is, an incredibly vulnerable story to share. But what good are we if we don’t share these things with one another? I’m no enlightened being that’s figured out the key to the universe. We’re just two people fumbling along, trying to rise up to what’s asked of us. Sometimes we don’t get it right. Sometimes we feel like we do. But, always, we’re listening. As best we can, in every day, we align ourselves with beauty because that’s where we find God.

I hope that’s what comes through. I haven’t been able to sit through the full episode yet. Let me know what you think. And if you are going to watch it, please do check out the whole Abundance Plus platform. It’s a treasure trove of classes, films, documentaries, and shared knowledge from homesteaders of all ilk. I wish we had something like that available to us when we started out. I like that the whole thing isn’t some commercial conglomerate enterprise. It’s Justin and his team making content that is useful rather than there to sell us on something.

If you’re going to check it out or sign up for a membership on Abundance Plus, please do use the link provided below so I can earn a small affiliate fee. That would be nice. I’d say I would go buy myself some popcorn to watch the movie with, but y’all know I’m not buying any popcorn.

Link to access our “Divergence” episode (you should watch them all, they’re beautiful). “SLOWDOWN10” for a discount on your membership.

I would love for you to come back here and share your feedback. Keep in mind this is only a small snippet of a life and it’s quite raw. We wanted to be us, not pretend-us. I hope, at least, that comes through.