Slowdown Farmstead
Slowdown Farmstead
your Qs, my As

your Qs, my As

February "health" edition, part 1
When the chicken coop proved to be too interesting to young Anya.

In this episode, part 1 of 2, we cover:

  • weightlifting programming and goals

  • cod liver oil

  • the things I did as a young mama that served me well

  • sunscreen

  • preparing for motherhood

  • fasting and carb cycling with your cycle

  • drinking orange juice/sugar

  • so-called diagnosis… or is it a curse?

  • nausea with beef liver

  • smoking and other addictions

  • mold in da house

Resources I mentioned in both part one and two of these Q&As:

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Slowdown Farmstead
Slowdown Farmstead
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